A critical perspective: 3 situations where GraphQL isn’t really for you

So, you already know what GraphQL is, you already ran into the book-author-topic example and also the social network one. You are evaluating if GraphQL will simplify your life or will give you a lot of pain. This article could be for you.

Confession: GraphQL is cool and I’m a great supporter of it. It’s good to work with it, and nowadays it’s even common to find it in a frontend-backend stack. The developer experience is a key factor in software development and GraphQL could be great for this. And, nevertheless it’s a growing trend.

But I warn you… I…

Serendipity in Google Trends

A few curiosities about what people google everyday

I confess it, I am a Serial Googler.

As a developer, googling occupies 50% of my time: it’s an occupational hazard, I google also when I come back home. I could found the Googlers Anonymous to talk about my problem. Of course I’m ironic.

Today I was reasoning about my “problem”, my habit. I wonder what people search on Google, how they search it and why. It’s funny that people still google google on google. Hey humanity, is it so hard to configure a browser start page? 😊

Anyway, let’s be honest and warn the reader: this article is nothing…

Funny Math

How Pythagorean triples are arranged in space

Some days ago I was playing around with Plotly and JavaScript.

I remembered the high school and the funniest Math competitions. I always had some weird ideas in my mind about problems and exercises. Everything I needed was a pencil and a piece of paper.

This is what I believed. When I discovered Computer Science, I leveled up! 👾👾👾

A question that’s always been on my mind was:

How are Pythagorean triples arranged in space?

In this article you can get the answer and it’s really awesome. Read further!

Pythagoras in thug life version
Pythagoras in thug life version
Ok, this is actually a joke 😎

Let’s take a step back

What are Pythagorean triples?

They are special triads of numbers. If…

Azure Functions and Docker

What I’ve learnt from dockerizing Azure Functions

Docker whale and Function Lighting
Docker whale and Function Lighting

Since I started writing and deploying Azure Functions a lot have changed. In this article we will create a linux Docker container for an Azure Function v3.

But before a few questions from the skeptical ones:

Why Docker?

Because you can deploy in a robust, comfortable, smart way. 🐳

For example… You put your images into an Azure Container Registry. Then you one-click-deploy an ARM template (with dockerized resources) and boom! You have all the resources up and running.

Why Azure Function Version 3?

Because it’s the new Azure standard for Azure Functions. They work great! Why not migrate now…

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