Serendipity in Google Trends

Gingerbread Lennon and the amazing Google Trends

I confess it, I am a Serial Googler.

As a developer, googling occupies 50% of my time: it’s an occupational hazard, I google also when I come back home. I could found the Googlers Anonymous to talk about my problem. Of course I’m ironic.

Today I was reasoning about my “problem”, my habit. I wonder what people search on Google, how they search it and why. It’s funny that people still google google on google. Hey humanity, is it so hard to configure a browser start page? 😊

Anyway, let’s be honest and warn the reader: this article is nothing of absolute, nothing of scientific. It’s a travel around Google Trends. And the engine of every travel is curiosity (not seriousness).

Google Trends

For anyone who still doesn’t know it or believe it, Google Trends is awesome. I think that in the future, sociologists will pass hours playing on this site to discover the essence of modern man.

How it works? You put in your search terms or topics and it shows you how much and where that term is searched in Google. It’s totally free.

It’s all about language

It’s all about language. For example, my first search was a comparison between vowels. Obviously “A” is the most searched.

“A” in English is a note, an article, a grade and so on. In different languages “A” has even many other meanings.

Side note: Have you noticed the spike of search in April 2020? Covid-19 boosted searches everywhere. You will notice this in several of the following graphs.

Most searched vowels across the countries

What’s interesting is that in some other countries like “Sweden”, the winner vowel is “I”.

Drilling down to some search terms I can understand that they use a lot of “I” in their language. For example “väder i stockholm” is “wheater in Stockholm”, “ont i örat” is “pain in the ear”.

Everything is relative

As Einstein stated, everything is relative. But the magnetic North is only one on Earth, as every non-broken compass can prove.

Nevertheless, people in India think that “the North” is a mountainous part of their country around New Delhi.

That’s why I compared the searching of the four cardinal points.

But what about East and West? As we can see in the US, people search more “East Coast” than “West Coast”. In the eastern Africa “East” is most searched. Except for Zimbabwe. 😅

What is strange is that in many european and african countries, the most searched are “North” and “South”.

Perhaps being on the Greenwich meridian gives the illusion to be at the centre of the world and not “East” or “West”?

Glocal self-referentiality

People search things near them. Like “Cheap restaurants in Venice” (there aren’t), and sometimes they search far things. Yeah, it sounds like I said something and the opposite of something.

Anyway, it’s funny to notice how people search their continents or other continents.

But they search mostly their religions.

Any colours you like

Cultures are motley and colorful. I played with Google colours to see where some colors are the most searched. By the way, did you know why those colors were chosen?

Going back to our Trends journey, this is not a cold war map… And red is the most searched colour.

The Beatles

Ok, and which one of the Beatles is the most famous? Of course John Lennon!

Poor Paul wins only in Holland, Canada, Uruguay and Japan.

No contest for George or Ringo. 😥

I find it funny to compare John Lennon and Gingerbread man. They are both Christmas trends. Every December you can predict a spike in both the searches.

The 4 Seasons

A lot of people search things about summer in the summer.

Although summer is the most searched, it’s a dance of the four seasons also within Google’s Servers.

Site Trends

Google Trends is not just for fun, obviously. You can make money predicting trends, and monitoring what’s goes up and down. Maybe someonehas already started trading binary options on Google Trends.

For example, we can see the Rise and Fall of MySpace, Google+, Facebook.

Instagram, TikTok and the new social networks are very popular, even if not so searched in Google, because they are very often used from the mobile app.

Ok, this graph sucks because Facebook flattens everything… Facebook is SO searched in Google because many of their users type “facebook” in a browser several times per day. Please, teach them the use of bookmarks! I tried and failed.

It’s nice to notice how the same ups and downs are happening all over the web, also in the Porn-Sphere.

Another “rise and fall” happened to E-Bay. Amazon is climbing the heigths Christmas after Christmas. 🎅 The only exception happened during Covid-19 lockdown. You lock people indoor for a couple of months and they empty the Amazon stock!


We are very predictable. Oh yeah, it’s Christmas, let’s type Rudolph, Lennon, Amazon, Winter, George Michael in the search bar.

People google what they wish, what they don’t know. They google what’s happening, what they see and the place they are. They google “google” and also how they feel (mostly to feed their hypochondria).

“Do you know what people really want? Everyone, I mean. Everybody in the world is thinking: I wish there was just one other person I could really talk to, who could really understand me, who’d be kind to me. That’s what people really want, if they’re telling the truth.”

Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook

But I still haven’t found what I’m googling for… 😂



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